Sunday, March 27, 2016

Eggs & More

Easter is way more than a rabbit & colored eggs, but rabbits & colored eggs do open doors to telling about Jesus!

This past week our children's classes included of an Easter word search activity, discussion of Easter vocabulary, & the reading of What Is Easter? 

Saturday was the Easter Outreach Event.  This year we chose to have it at the camp once again.  Having it at our home is easier, but after last year's larger than usual turnout and terrible weather making outdoor activities impossible, we opted for the camp.  Numbers were as good this year, but we had several new people come.

Started off with egg dying & John 3:16 coloring pages.



Next up, Nakagawa Sensei did a pantomime show & told the Easter Story.


Next, it was time to find those hidden eggs & the weather was picture perfect!!




The camp has excellent hiding fact, there is still at least one more egg to be found!

We ended the time with snacks & time to just chat or, in the case of the children, run off any excess sugar outside.


Easter Sunday, I helped with a Sunday School activity... Resurrection Rolls!


We made enough for everyone who stayed for lunch after service to have one, but in the process after pictures we missed.

It has been a busy few days, but being able to tell about the Death, Burial, & Resurrection of JESUS is why we are here!

Happy Resurrection day everyone!

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