Monday, April 4, 2016

God Things

The past few months a plan has been in the works.  
A home stay to Indiana in August.  

Just before we went to the states last fall, a friend mentioned that we really should start doing home stays again.  While we were back in Indiana we just happened to see one of our previous interns, Jenn, and mentioned the idea of doing a home stay to her.  In the blink of an eye, she was on board with the idea.  One thing lead to another and a home stay plan was pulled together.  We handed out information and waited...

April 1st was the deadline for signing up.  Five students was the magic minimum number.

We were sitting with 3 very enthusiastic students & a few maybes.  On March 30th, I just happened to see a friend when I picked Kei up from camp.  He ask me about Christian schools in small town USA.  They are interested in having their daughter go to high school at a Christian School.  I told him I would see what I could find out.  I also mentioned the home stay plan.  Now we have 4!

On April 2nd we had 4 students, 2 older ladies & 2 junior high girls - perfect.  But it wasn't our minimum number.  The budget was based on a 5 student minimum... I sat down to see if the budget could be twinked to make it work with 4.  The biggest obstacle being airfare.  I found a really good ticket price, but the flight times meant we would need to stay in hotels the night before both flights - this might work, but required some figuring.  Remember, I'm trying to compact the budget not expand it.  Figuring done, I think it will work.  Go to buy the tickets and I can't do it on line and the travel company isn't open yet...  


On a whim, I checked another online site....

same tickets...

same itinerary...


In fact, we were able to get the flight AND hotels for the same original "great deal"!!

This whole time I've been messaging back and forth with Jenn as we attempt to coordinate plans.  I am AMAZED at some of the by chance things that are coming up...

  • The 1st person Jenn spoke with about being a home stay hostess is a retired lady whose daughter was in Japan for a few months.  Retired... lady... PERFECT hostess for the 2 retired students!!
  • Jenn, herself, will be hosting the girls.  Jenn the youth leader at church.  Jenn who spent 3 months with us in Japan.
  • Some of the youth group kids attend a Christian High School!!  Christian high school is small town America... just what our friends are looking for.  *Jenn is going to see if the girls can visit/attend school for a few days during the home stay.
  • A facebook friend shared a link to 15 Must Do Things.  Two of these were already on my list of things and a third can be easily added.

Now that plans are coming together, the rest of the budget is falling into place quite nicely, in fact, we might be able to ADD some extras.

Just Happened?

On a Whim?

By Chance?

NOPE, I think not.  These are ALL God things!!  God has this under control.  These little things are just simple reminders to me that GOD has EVERYTHING handled.

These "little" reminders help give me peace as I prepare to step out of my comfort zone of caring for my family, especially Joshy, and venture forth to new adventures in leading a home stay while Jerry, Kei, & Joshy hold down the fort.

God's got this!

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