Monday, May 23, 2016

Manic Monday

Hospital appointments can leave me a bit frustrated, but usually they don't stress me too badly.  This morning, I was ready to pull a scene out of Fried Green Tomatoes!  OK, well, I am not older than the driver I encountered, which is likely why both cars are undamaged...  

Handicap parking spots are limited.  Parking attendants often instruct drivers to crunch together - park on the lines that are put there so that one can load/unload wheelchair users... you know the REASON handicap parking spaces exist - I digress.  ANYWAY...  I scouted out the handicap lot (the big hospital has 8 spots).  There were actually 3 places remaining.  By the time I was able to pull into the lot, there were 2 spots left.  Then the driver in front of me parked smack dab in the MIDDLE of the 2 spots.  I ask her if she could please pull over, she looked at the area and said that she couldn't.  She was older.  She seemed to be having difficulty.  I gave up and went in search of an end spot - which I was actually able to find - Thank You LORD!  

Next up... getting to the dermatology department.  WHY the hospital put pediatrics right in the middle of the hall with dermatology at the far end of the hall is beyond me.  I feel like we are passing through the shadow of the valley of germs each and every time we go.  I attempt make a race track out of the isle on the far side of the hall (the hall way doubles as the waiting area) in hopes the sicker children will be facing the pediatric side and thus the germs will be fewer on the far side.  Today the whole waiting area was jam packed with ill children.  There was no clear course.  There were toddlers and/or mothers blocking the narrow isle...  It felt like a trip through a dark, creepy, garbage filled ally... excuse me, pardon me, will you please move!  It doesn't help that the walk way is barely wider than Joshy's wheelchair - sigh... grit teeth... SIGH!   

Once we ran the gauntlet, we made it for what turned out to be Joshy's L.A.S.T dermatology appointment!!  After going to the dermatologist every couple of weeks for nearly 11 months, the doctor said today that Joshy is finished!  He has a cream to use 2x/day, but there shouldn't be any more visits needed to take care of the stubborn warts.

Immune suppression therapy means simple viruses tend to be hang on for all they are worth!

I am so glad we don't need to go back any time soon.  I'm afraid that if today had been the first appointment we might never have gone back and Joshy would have warts forever.

Oh.And. that nice end spot that gave me room to get Joshy in and out of the car... Someone decided to make a "new" parking space, parking right next to Joshy's door leaving very little space to get him back in the car.

Oh That's Right...


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