Saturday, June 4, 2016


The CS (church school) kids have been busy.  For Mother's Day they made tea crafts for all the mothers with extras so that ladies could take them home to share with other mothers. *The handprint vases were made in AWANA.

Last week, as well as today, the CS & AWANA kids have visited nursing homes taking these to the residents & staff.

Today they also made this craft for Father's Day.

We made 30 crafts each for Mother's & Father's Day, 100 of the flower crafts & an undetermined amount of the other flower shrinks dink. 

From April we started the idea of crafting once a month., but in reality it has been a weekly event with a LOT of teacher participation!   I think from next month we might get on track for monthly crafting with hopes that we will have a nice stash of completed items for next year...  I sincerely hope so because at present I am feeling crafted out.




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