Saturday, June 25, 2016



Over the winter, I had asthma issues*.  Doctor changed my inhaler, then in March added a second inhaler.   During Golden Week (April 29th + May 4th~6th) I had A-fib 3 times in the same number of days.  I did some research and found that both inhalers have the rare side effect of triggering A-fib.  I stopped both inhalers and started some supplements to see if that would help my asthma.  I skipped my May checkup to give the supplements time to work, besides I wasn't noticing any real change from not having the inhalers.  I was still having breathing issues when exercising, I still felt...well... not terrible, but just not good.

As spring had kicked in and then turned into summer, I started having more fluid retention on top of the breathing trouble.  I tried all the home remedies I could think of, but nothing helped.  After we climbed Hachikoku, 2 weeks ago, the swelling got really bad and I the breathing issues increased.  Decided that I really should see the doctor.  I told him about the A-fib & stopping the inhalers.  Yes, the inhalers can cause trouble.   He looked at my feet and ordered: blood work, chest x-ray, ECG, & a urine test.  Everything came normal, except the chest x-ray.  The x-ray showed an abnormality - my heart is enlarged.  The doctor implied that it is due to fluid retention, which could be the case, and prescribed diuretics along with my normal asthma meds, which included a different inhaler.

Twice, in a row, after taking the inhaler, I felt chest tightness.  Something, just isn't right, here.  I also continued to have the same breathing issues, over all fatigue, & general "heavy" feeling.  Decided that a trip to the bigger hospital, the one with a cardiologist, was in order.  

MORE tests!

All of the previous tests were repeated at the bigger hospital, plus several tests were added.  The previous blood work had not, to my knowledge, included a thyroid check.  I also had an interesting test that checked my blood pressure in both arms AND both legs at the same & varying times.  This coming week, I will have a heart echo & a 24 hour ECG.  I will then see the cardiologist.

All this could be asthma/allergy related, as the one doctor believes.  Or it could be heart related, which is the direction the other hospital tends to lean.  My thought is the two things are teaming up, but at this point I'm just ready to get the tests behind me, figure out what is really going on, & decided a course of treatment to get me feeling better. 

In the mean time, I am trying to take it easy.  The swelling has improved some and as long as I don't push too hard, the breathing issues aren't causing too much trouble.

Prayers Appreciated

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Karen said...

Sorry to hear this, and know that the waiting for test results is hard. Praying for you.