Friday, July 22, 2016

Speed Of Sound

If one is a car, 0-60 in 3 second is crazy fast.  It's cool even.  

If one is a boy, 0-60 (0 = healthy / 60 = hospitalized) in a few hours is crazy fast, too.  It is, however, not cool!  Joshy seems to have this skill down to a science!   People think I am strange for noticing a single sneeze or cough.  Vick's Vapor Rub is also our constant friend.  At the slightest stuffiness the Vick's is pulled out and applied, even if no noticeable to the naked eye cold symptoms are seen, because by the time cold symptoms are truly present we are in the danger zone.  

This go around his excelleration was a little slow.  The first sign of congestion was Monday evening.  Tuesday he went to school with a slight runny nose.  Wednesday we kept him home with a very runny nose & a cough.  By Wednesday evening I called the ER because his heart rate was way high.  His Spo2 was still is the safe zone, as was his temperature, so we opted to ride the night out at home.  Thursday morning  he had reached the all I can do is sleep stage which earned us a direct pass to a ward.  Until last night (Friday) he was like this...

Last night he woke up.  He was happy, but not overly active.  Today is another story.  Just as he gets ill at the speed of sound he also seems to recover quickly once IV antibiotics are on board.  Today he has attempted to chew the netting over his IV.  He thinks the IV tubing is a lovely toy.  I mean, it makes cool noises when dropped.  The bits an bobbles are great to chew on.  If ones spins quickly enough it makes a rope to hog tie oneself... What's not to like???

Now that boy is feeling better being in the hospital is a full time job.  I am hopeful the doctor will decide that he is well enough to be sent home.  He does still have a cough and is not eating overly well yet, but he certainly is playing hard enough to work up an appetite!   LORD willing he will eat dinner, which will give me ammunition to help gain our freedom.

In the meantime, thank you for the prayers.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that prayer is the key to recovery.

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