Wednesday, October 14, 2015

B is For

I seriously believe my sons main goal in life is to Baffle, Befuddle, & Bewilder as many people as possible.  I am also sure it fills him with even greater joy when he can baffle, befuddle, & bewilder medical staff.   

I am not amused!

Four time in less than 3 weeks, Sir Joshua has started the morning hypothermic and sporting low heart rates.  Hypothermic as in temps that will not register on a normal thermometer... as in below 32C (86F)... you know, the numbers you see on emergency medical shows where they patient is all but DEAD.  To go along with the temperature, his heart rate has dropped into the 40's (60 is considered low normal).  To be honest, having this happen from time to time has become the norm in this house (I am still wondering about my sanity when something this odd doesn't feel odd), however, twice in less than a week, is a bit much even for me.

Today, for once, Josh did not play the low numbers game on a weekend or a holiday!  It was his school "marathon" day, which might have been special enough to give him an added thrill?   I went to the hospital to talk to the nurses - W.A.Y. easier than trying to explain it over the phone.  The nurse, who knows Josh, took notes and called the doctor.  Doctor said to bring him in @ 11:00.

Did I mention that he will sleep until 11 or 12 and then wake up as happy as can be?

Joshy was still sleepy & lethargic at his 11:00 appointment.  His temp was up to 33.4C (92.2F) and his stats were looking better.  Chest sounded fine, throat was clear.  I was/am concerned that his low temperature will cause issues with his blood production.  With fighting Aplastic Anemia low blood production is the last thing we need.  Doctor ordered labs which were all FINE.  His WBC & Plates were a little lower than 2 weeks ago, but no where near the danger zone.  Ummmm... maybe it is weather related?  Just try to keep him warm...

**His bed has a thermal mat over the mattress, then an electric blanket under the waterproof sheet.  He is then covered with FOUR layers of fleece blankets.  Temps are only getting down to the upper 40's so I haven't pulled out his down comfort yet...maybe I should?

We have NO IDEA why he does this.  We are totally  Baffled, Befuddled & Bewildered.  Joshua is currently rolling around on the floor laughing himself silly.

I am not amused!


Wendy said...

Nope, not amusing at all!

Karen said...

Scary, but that type of scary that goes with the unknown...what on earth could be causing this one?