Monday, October 19, 2015

Life Lessons

Walking helps me maintain my sanity.... 
Stop laughing! Yes, I know I need to walk a whole lot more ;) 

This past month with my asthma acting up & going into bronchitis, then adding an allergy attack just to keep things interesting, I have not been walking much.  However, today I found myself with some actual me time.  It is a lovely fall day, so on the way home from dropping kids at school, I stopped at the park for a short, leisurely walk.  As I strolled through the park I was reminded, again, of a life lesson.

The park is a long narrow park along the sea that serves as a wind break.  Most, if not all, of the trees are growing at an angle.  The storms, the gales, the typhoons had made them grow this way.  But they are alive and growing.

In one particular area of the park the tree trunks are crazy.  I find them to be like art work.  Their trunks are twisted and knotted, but most of the trees still reach toward the sky.

This is a lesson for me, for us all.  When the storms of life come, which they will, we can be battered all the way to our base.  We can be knocked down to the ground time & time again.  But if we have strong roots, in Christ, we can over come, We can continue to reach toward the sky.

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