Saturday, December 19, 2015

Family Time Between Parties

Pure & simple - December is party month!

4th was a PTA mama's party at Kei's school.
7th was a mama's pizza party at our house with some of the "B" course mamas from Joahy's school.
11th was a year end party with mom's & teachers from Joshy's school
13th was the CS / AWANA Christmas Party.
16th ~ 18th every ECS children's class had a party during class.

Still to come...
20th is the ECS Candle Light Service / Christmas Party
21th & 22nd will be the last children's class parties.
23rd is the all church Christmas party.

For children's classes we have; made candy cane cookies, done word searches or other appropriate worksheets while the cookies baked, read J is for Jesus, the Sweetest Story Ever Told, & played bingo.



Today, was a party free day... a day for some family time <3

For the 1st time in at least 5 years we went to the mall...on a Saturday... in December... when we knew it would be crowded... WITH Joshua!  (Joshy's cancer center check up on the 14th showed his counts holding.  His neutrophil, infection fighting, numbers were great.  AND we were able to make a small taper in his immune suppression drugs!)


After the mall, we went to Echigo Hillside Park to check out the illuminations.





One "tree" was unique in it was made of champagne glasses & had been made into a fountain.  It was set up on a rotating light system, too.  (The pictures don't show the fountain effect, but water cascaded down from the top.  It was quite amazing.)


There was also a tree made from empty 2 liter drink bottles.

There were also musical performances, but we didn't stay that long, because we had already pushed our limits - Joshy had reached his limit of being in his wheelchair and Kei had reached her people limit.  Instead of pushing limits any further we picked up sandwiches on the way home where we watched Miracle on 34th Street to finish off the evening. It was a wonderful, much needed time out.

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