Sunday, December 20, 2015

Old & New

Last night was our annual Carols & Candle Light Service.  

This year we had several firsts...
* Our brand new neighbors, they finished their house & moved in the beginning of Nov., came with their 16 month old.
* Two former students, who are all grown up now, came.  We just recently got back in touch.
* A mom & her 2 sons, who just started classes this month, came.  Low & behold they know Kei & another family who came because of swimming.  The mom also knows some of Jerry's students who came.
* Several students, from both of the universities Jerry teaches at, came.  We have occasionally had students from one or the other, but never from both and never so many.
*We had nearly 30 people.
*We actually ran out of candles & needed to reuse candles from last year (glad they were still around)




We sang several songs, read a simple version of the Christmas story, and sang "Silent Night" while lighting candles.  The evening ended with snacks, games, & chatting.  We are thrilled that that some many were open to come to this event.  Please pray with us that this might be a spring board to the International English Bible Study we have.

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