Saturday, December 5, 2015

Time Flies...

Time flies when you are having fun...
when you are busier than a one armed paper hanger.

The Thanksgiving dinner on November 23rd was a success.  We ended up with 38 guests + our secretary & family, so 44 total was a F.U.L.L. house!


But everyone seemed to have a good time.

The rest of Thanksgiving week didn't slow down.  Bekah had her 2nd wisdom tooth cut out - meaning surgery on Wednesday with a follow up check on Thursday.  Then she needed to see the ENT to have her sinuses checked on Friday.  The ENT gave her another 2 weeks worth of meds and an all clear - provided she takes ALL her meds.  Kei needed to see her psychologist for a routine checkup on Friday, as well.  I think someone was feeling left out, because Joshy decided it was the perfect week for low temps and heart rates.  Oh yeah, and it was a normal work week, too.

Wait... Did I really say...
Normal work week?

All the children's classes made ornaments for the ECS tree.  This was fun, but challenging as well.


This past week had its normal challenges as well.  Classes & checkups & Christmas prep... you know normal, for us at least, December activities.  Plus a couple extra activities for school.

Yesterday, Saturday, I had a new opportunity.  The public library had a special 1st time event - a Christmas English story time which I was ask to teach.  It was actually more than a story time,   We did 3 songs with some vocabulary practice & a little sign language as well.  The I read What Is Christmas by: Michelle Medlock Adams.  We then made ornaments similar to the ones our students made.  And finished off the hour with a rousing game of Christmas Bingo. 

Today was the Sunday that the CS (Church School) kids decorated cookies to be delivered to all the neighbors near the church.  They decorated cookies & dipped pretzels.



30 households received cookies & fliers with all the upcoming Christmas events :)

This the Season!

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