Saturday, September 24, 2016

Lies I Tell Myself

Lies... I hate lies!  I hate being lied to!  I don't trust liers!  I don't trust myself right now...

"Things will calm down after ___" I've been filling in the blank with something new ALL summer!!  That might be another lie because, come to think about it, I'm pretty sure this is a chronic lie I've been telling myself... Ummm... forever.

This summer has just seemed busier than usual: English camp, home stay, Fuji climb, Sunday School over nighter... just to name a few of the big things. 

September has had something each and every weekend.  October is looking slightly better, but there are two extra events; Multicultural Disaster Seminar and a Halloween event at the library, that I am doing. Both of these events are taking more work than I initially thought they would. 

Looking at my calendar life may settle down a little in October and November, but then again, my computer has been in the shop most of September.  When I looked at my calendar this morning, I realized that at least two events had not transferred from the computer to my phone.  I need to double check on line to make sure everything synced correctly before I can know for sure.  I think it might be wise to fill in the blank with Christmas, because Christmas break IS coming!

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