Thursday, October 6, 2016


Habitual:of the nature of a habitfixed by or resulting from habit

I used to habitually blog.  I used to be a habitual walker.  The key phrase is both of those sentences is used to be.  I'm sitting here wondering why good habits are so difficult to build, but so easy to break while bad habits are just the opposite...sigh!

This month I am attempting to get back into some good habits.  
Menu planning - check!  
Blogging - well this is my 2nd blog in a week rather than a month, so I might be getting a little better.  Walking - Three days in a row - YAY!


Wednesday I stopped at the park near Joshy's school and did a couple of laps.  I also got to see a crane.  So beautiful!  I just wish I could capture the beauty on "film".

Thursday was still rainy after the typhoon.  I almost gave up on walking but decided to stop at Genki Kan, a public service building, and walk on the inside track (80m/87yd).  I generally dislike doing this because I get bored easily.  I much prefer getting out in nature where there are fun things to see. However, this time a lady actually started a conversation with me and we ended up talking until I needed to leave.  This made the walk much more enjoyable.

Today I had errands to run after I dropped the kids off at school.  I had also run out the door in my flip flops.  BUT, somewhere between stops, I decided to park the car at ECS and walk home.  AND I actually followed through!!  This means that I will also have to walk to work this afternoon!


I even saw a tanuki near our house!!

I still have a way to go before I am actually back to some of my past habits, but I am a little further along than I was.

Baby Steps!

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