Sunday, August 11, 2013

Quiet Coffee

I didn't sleep the best last night, BUT I feel much more refreshed.

It is still hot & humid, But I feel cooler.

See the introvert in me woke up early, before anyone else was stirring happy   This meant that I was able to have a cup of coffee in peace!  A cup of coffee without chatter in the fore or back ground ~ heavenly!!

I also went for a walk after my coffee, heading out the door at 6am.  The humidity was nasty, but the temps were "cool" enough to help balance things out.  I only did a 2k instead of a 3k this morning.  I also took a couple breaks to capture some of God's wonderful creation.
Wonderful Refreshment!!

The introvert in me has been busy pondering some things, but that is a whole other post.  Maybe that post will make it from my head onto "paper" this week while most of the family is away... When I will have more opportunity to sit and ponder over a quiet cuppa, provided the boy doesn't take it upon himself to make up for the quiet void left by those who are at camp & mountain climbing happy 

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