Saturday, August 10, 2013

Turning 50 Gracefully

I managed to turn the big 5-0 just about an ungracefully as can be done!
Allowed my self to roll back over and sleep in - till almost 7 laughing
Went downstairs and was greeted with a "Happy Birthday" from Jerry heart  Jerry even willingly went down stairs to get english muffins out of the freezer for me heartheart
That's when the not so graceful dance began...
Someone, didn't shut the freezer door tight last night.  There was a big puddle on the garage floor and only 1 container was still frozen enough to be saved as frozen food.  We mopped shelves & toted 1/2 frozen food upstairs.  Started a huge crockpot make that 2 crockpots full of soup.  (Who wants soup for their birthday dinner in the middle of August when then heat index is over 100 before 10am?)  Then I proceeded to turn dripping containers of persimmon & pumpkin into bread.  Managed to forget the baking soda in one batch - looks more like persimmon pudding whatevah  Attempted to make a loaf of zucchini herb bread in the bread machine - that turned out well...
NOT!  Hopefully it will taste good with the soup silly
Struggled with a really bad attitude.
Even still am VERY THANKful it was the veggie freezer an not the meat freezer - which we just restocked last weekend! (we have 2 small upright freezers)
Lunch was fend for yourself.  
Hubby disappeared with Isaac, house guest, finally making it back nearly 2 hours later.  They said they were going to 7-11 & I ask them to get frozen berries & whipped cream.  Then did come back with the items requested... after lunch at McD's sad (He redeemed himself by bring home a birthday gift.)
Afternoon got somewhat better...
cheese cake & gifts helped!
This birthday ranks right up there with the birthday I spent cooking for a missionary convention (The time I learned that having 2 co-head cooks does not work well.)  And the birthday when I received the call that my mom had passed away.
And now it is time for birthday soup... think I might have a piece of cake instead laughing 

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Karen said...

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! I think I would have cried!

May your 51st year go much much better than your 50th Birthday has!

Your cake looks yummy!