Thursday, August 22, 2013

Round & Round

As I mentioned before, I think, I took Bekah to the doctor on Tuesday with a painful swollen lymph node.  They did labs and said they would call if test results indicated anything abnormal.  They also said to come back if anything further developed.  This morning Bekah had 4 large, swollen, painful lumps on her neck.  No fever, but more swelling, for sure, so off we went.  We saw a different doctor, nice enough, but not overly helpful.  "It is likely a virus."  "It will likely get worse before it gets better."  "The other doctor will call if the test results show anything."  OH you have an immune suppressed child in your home...hmmm... "wash your hands well" shocked  

Joshy also decided to throw me for a loop - Tue evening, he had a VERY runny nose & was congested.  His runny nose came out of nowhere.  No preamble, nothing, just full blown nasty!   Josh has always gone from simple to serious at the drop of a hat, being immune suppressed just adds to the danger element.  We started cold meds.  Applied LOTS of Vick's.  Prayed.  He woke up FULL of vim & vinegar laughingshocked with a clear nose & no noticeable congestion - thank you LORD!  He has had a few coughs now and again, but no more congestion or runny nose.  Praying hard that he is not / will not pick up whatever Bekah has!

Other than running round and round with medical stuff.  I also found myself walking round in circles during my morning walk.  Wednesday morning I did 2 loops inside my main loop - I was trying to still get my distance in while avoiding rain slick trails.  I really didn't wish to fall and possibly need to take ME to the hospital silly   It was a really nice walk!
This morning, I got brave and did a different loop.  I took a deep breath and ventured the opposite direction along the river.  The path is not as tame.  I am pretty sure it is inhabited by things that slither... I have NO desire to meet any slithery creatures, so I usually avoid this part of the river walk.  However, it WAS beautiful and I am glad I went that way.  I am also very thankful, I didn't see any reptiles.  As I meandered back, I even passed a couple of small rice fields that have already been harvested cool
The last few mornings I have been going round and round with my thoughts... "You need to go walk." "But I don't want to."  "You'll feel better if you do!"  Yada, yada, ya...  Truth be told, morning walks do make me feel better.  They give me the energy to make it through the merry go round of hospital stuff, too.

How about you?  What helps you cope with going round & round? 


Karen said...

I hope that Bekah's thing isn't serious!

If you're talking round and round, like the merry-go round of life--it seems like taking time to cross-stitch or read a book--even when I don't really have time, centers me. And walking helps too.

Beth said...

It's so pretty there. I'd love to go walking with you.

Not too sure abou the round and round stuff. Just keep praying that someday they will grow out of all their childhood illnesses!

Praying for you all :-)