Saturday, November 7, 2015

Bubba & Junior

I will never forget one of our first Thanksgivings here in Japan.  Back in the days before Costco, before FBC (Foreign Buyers Club) and anything but cases of canned goods, in short before turkey could be found easily.  We had around 30 people coming for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  A friend had offered to special order a turkey from a meat shop.  The day before Thanksgiving my friend delivered a 1kg turkey... ONE Kilogram... 2.2 pounds.  It fit in my hand!  I joked about finding pieces of shell on it O_o   We supplemented, heavily supplemented, the meal with ham that year!

Thankfully, in recent years turkey has become easier to find,

Today, Jerry & I headed to Costco (176 km / 109 miles - 2+ hours and ¥2,700 / $22 one way trip) to pick up turkey and other supplies.  After thinking they didn't have turkey, I actually found that they had large (10+kg /22#) and small (5kg / 11#) birds :)  Last year they only had smaller turkeys.

Meet Bubba... weighing in at 11.42kg /25# and costing a mere ¥6,395 / $52

And Junior... weighing in at 10.98kg / 24# and costing a mere ¥6,149 / $50

Bubba & Junior will be the honored guests on November 23rd when we have our annual Thanksgiving outreach event.  For now they are filling my freezer.

BTW ~Turkey can now be ordered from Costco or FBC, but the cost is higher and there is shipping involved.  In the long run, it is better to make the trip because the pantry can be stocked in the process, too.  AND a trip to Costco doubles as a date :P

Question for you... what does a turkey cost where you live?

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