Monday, November 2, 2015

Three years...
Three years ago I started getting into this walking thing.
Three years ago, May, we did our 1st Shiokaza Marathon 12km walk.  
Three years ago I learned about a race site where one can look for upcoming events.
Three years ago I learned about the Koshihikari Run (コシヒカリRUN) & the 8km trekking walk that is part of the event menu.
For three years I have been wanting to take this challenge, well on Sunday we, Jerry & I, finally were able to do it! 

We could not have ask for more perfect weather for a hike in the mountains.


The course was set in 2 parts - 4 km up to a rest spot where we had lunch before winding our way back down.

I am so thankful it was not raining, because it was a steep climb! (Lunch was waiting at the cluster of buildings at the top... I think that is the only thing that got me to climb that last "hill"!)

Lunch was good and the view was amazing.  The break was welcome.

On the trek down we wound our way along a service road while the runners ran DOWN the mountain.  I cannot even imagine walking down the course let alone running down it.  *the picture is NOT one of the steep points even!

It was a hard trek.  I was not in shape to handle it well.  I was ready to give up at several points.  The way down was a constant battle between my mind and my legs.  My mind was saying, just a little bit further, you can finish what you started.  My legs were screaming - Woman you are CRAZY!

Life Lesson - When life gets tough remember that God is able to finish what He started.