Friday, November 13, 2015


November 3rd is Culture Day here in Japan.  Translation, there are LOTS of extra school events!

Last Saturday, 7th, was Kei's school's Culture Festival.  Their special projects were put on display and the different classes did a presentation or performance for all to see in the school gym.  Having a crowd of people made Kei very nervous, but she did a good job.



This week it was Joshy's turn to have a special visit day at school.  All the students had their craft & art work displayed in the main hallway, then each class had their own activities in their rooms.  Joshy's class fallowed their normal morning routine with the exception that the teachers did a big story production.  The teachers dressed up, as well as, involving the children in the dramatization of a classic Japanese tale (I'm not sure what the story title is).



Both events were different, but interesting in their own way.  For both, the students and teachers put in a lot of effort to make the events happen.  I am not sure I honestly appreciate them enough, because personally, I am missing having a "normal" Saturday.

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