Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July

Living in a foreign country is challenging most days.  Living in a foreign country on a holiday adds a different twist.  No day off today.  No fireworks.  No chillin' at the lake or BBQing.

OK, we could have BBQed, but not being a day off and having a good old fashion charcoal grill, time really didn't allow for a cook out.  We could have thrown our money away on bought some wimpy sparklers, but I had other ways to spend some hard earned money (see below).

We did take the day off school.  Josh was in respite, so after my morning class, the girls & I went out for sushi (so American, I know)

 We then took advantage of some Joshy free time and did some shopping.  Bekah finally has sandals for summer!  Kei has aqua shoes in time for camp & swim season.  PLUS, we all made some simple additions to our wardrobe.

Time passed quickly while we shopped and it was soon time to head to the hospital.  I found a happily playing Joshua when I went to pick him up.  It seems he had a good time.  I also learned that next weeks respite (during English camp) HAS been approved - now we just need enough campers to have camp!

Josh also had a check up this afternoon - pretty much same ol', same ol'.  I did, finally, leave the hospital with paperwork, signed by the doctor, ready to be submitted to the city office for a new wheelchair, gait trainer, and stander.  A trip to the city office is 1st on my list tomorrow morning!!  It will likely take a month for approval & then we will have to wait while the order is processed.  Hopefully, he will have new wheels by fall!!

Tonight, we were a bit more American... dinner was brats, lays potato chips, fresh veggies, & ice cream while we watched a movie.  I am NOT counting calories today ;-P

In short, we celebrated with a twist!  How about you?

Happy 4th everyone!!

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