Monday, July 8, 2013


A week from today English camp will be behind us, however, being that it is still ahead of us, there was (still is) much to do.

Laundry took top spot.  After several days of rain & a busy weekend, the laundry was starting to go Feral!  As I worked on this, I got to thinking... Joshua will be in respite for 4 days.  That is 4 days were his laundry will not be done.  Does Josh has enough clothes to take?  Knowing Josh, I should send 2 sets of clothes/day + a couple of extra sets "just in case".  IF all laundry was done & dry, I could likely pack that many sets of clothes for him... of course, this would be dependent on him keeping 1 set clean/dry/unsoiled until I drop him off after lunch AND he wouldn't have anything to wear once he got home until laundry was done - YEAH, RIGHT!  Also, there there is the small fact that several of his pairs of shorts are on their last leg or barely fit him.

OK - shopping it is!  After lunch I escaped went on a quick shopping trip and scored 4 short sets!  These sets are quick dry, easy on/off, perfect!

~ Back track ~

Because Kei had strep a couple weeks ago, the doctor wanted to do 2 urine tests at 2 week intervals.  I had been told I needed to drop off a sample today.  OK - I thought, I can get my morning walk in by walking it to the hospital dropping it off and heading home.  I threw on my walking clothes and headed out right after Josh's teacher got here.  I figured it would be a quick trip...  I did not know that the nurses expected me to WAIT & talk to the doctor about the test results!  After much trouble, I finally convinced them to let me leave.  The plan is they would call with the results (normal) and then I will talk to the doctor about the results on Thursday when I take Josh to therapy.  Picture me, all hot and dripping sweat, standing around the hospital waiting area arguing with the nurses.

~ More Back Tracking ~

Yesterday, when we went to church, Josh's chairlift would not work!  This morning I called the lift company.  The person I spoke with forwarded the message to the department it needed to go to.  That department called me back and scheduled an appointment for 11:00. (I was just leaving the hospital at 10:30!).  I arrive home a few minutes before the repairman arrived.  So repairman is greeted by hot, sweaty, foreigner still wearing her walking clothes...   Repairman looks at lift, turns key to correct position and chair proceeds to work perfectly.

I felt like a complete idiot!!

The day has had some good points...
  • Josh has enough clothes, I hope, to see him through.
  • Laundry is tamed!
  • More work had been done on the camp menu.  All that is left is the shopping list.
  • I found tags to use for camp.  We will give each camper a plastic drink bottle.  While I was out I found key chains that will work as name tags for the bottles.
  • I actually figured out several days worth of menu ideas for this week.  AND we will be eating more than fast food or sandwiches!!
Tomorrow is Cancer Center check up day & Kei has a dental appointment.  Somewhere in there I need to finish the camp shopping list.  Provided I can skip the misadventures, it should be manageable.

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Karen said...

Yeah for progress, despite misadventures!

Hoping and praying that camp goes well for you.