Friday, July 26, 2013

Sea To See

We took a chance and headed to the Sea to See the city fireworks.

As usual the fireworks were amazing!

To avoid the SEA of people we kept Josh in his WIKE.  I also left after 45 minutes (not quite the 1/2 way point).  This allowed me to get Joshy home without fighting through throngs of people.  It also got us home only slightly late for evening meds.  We could See part of the lights all the way home.  I could have gotten some amazing reflection shots, had I not had my hands full.

Gotta LOVE Kashiwazaki fireworks!!


Marsha Bryant said...


Alesha said...

Very cool. So glad you were all able to enjoy the fireworks!


Karen said...

So glad you were all able to go, and take Josh.

Beautiful fireworks.

Robert Farrer said...

thanks for posting. great fireworks are worth seeing every time!!!