Monday, July 22, 2013


Jerry has been wanting to climb Mt Asama with a fellow missionary, Isaac. I had a choice, send Jerry off on the train and hang at home with the kids for 3 days (4-5 hours one way by train + the climb is a good 10-12 hours = not a 1 day undertaking!) or load up the car and find a place to hang out while the boys climb.   Mt Asama just happens to be very close to Karuizawa, where we vacationed in May.  Yeah, you see where I am going, right?!?

Saturday morning we loaded up and headed toward Nagano.  We stopped in Ueda to check out the castle ruins on the way.

Then we went on to Karuizawa.  We couldn't get the same cabin we had last time, but we were still able to rent a very nice cabin.

Saturday evening, Jerry & I took a short walk.

Later that evening I sent my intrepid mountain goat climber off to Isaac's.  He spent the night there since they were striking out around 6am.

The next morning, while Jerry & Isaac climbed Mt. Asama, I drug the kids & another missionary friend, David, off on a hike.  We were not successful in following the trail, but we did have a nice hike.  I know where we made the trail error, so next time we will try again!

We then chilled at the cabin; reading, resting, playing, attending an English worship service at Union Chapel...  I even let Joshy out on the deck.  This was the FIRST time in a year and 10 months he has been on the ground.

The mountain goats climbers made it back to the cabin about 7pm; tired, dirty, hungry, but happy!

We spend another night at the cabin before heading home Monday morning.  It was a nice get-a-way!

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Karen said...

Sounds like an awesomely fun time! I would much rather hang out with you than climb a mountain myself!