Monday, July 1, 2013

Second Day Syndrome

After a big event, I am tired the next day, but the 2nd day after is usually the hardest.  Two days after climbing a mountain is no exception.

Saturday, I went to bed achy & woke up tired, but over all feeling pretty good.  Last night, I went to bed tired & woke up more TIRED!

Good news, I should be feeling more normal tomorrow :o)

Tired didn't change the fact that it is Monday.  Didn't change the fact that Josh's teacher came & the girls had school to do as well.  Didn't change the fact that the cupboards were looking pretty empty & everyone needed to be fed.  Didn't change the fact that I needed to get some walking & laundry done.
  • I managed a very slow 1.4 mile walk.  It was early enough that it was still cool-ish & actually felt good.
  • Kei got a 95% on her math test & a 100% on her English "checkup" pages!
  • Josh had fun with his teacher.
  • I was ready to crawl back in bed before lunch.  I honestly was so tired I wasn't even hungry.  Everyone pitched in & left overs were made to stretch more because there wasn't anything else to fix than anything else.  I felt 200% better after some lunch.
  • After lunch, I felt up to a grocery run.  I was even brave enough to drive our loaner car (our car was in for inspection).
  • After groceries were put away, I still felt good.  Good enough to process the plums we were given.  Not ripe plums, but rather green / partially ripe plums for making plum juice.  I even walked to the little store near us to get the rock sugar that I had forgotten to get at the grocery.

The plums will need to be shaken a couple times a day, but in a week to 10 days we should have plum syrup which can then be diluted to make a yummy summer drink.  I say "should" because last year I did something wrong and we ended up with moldy plum gook.  LORD willing, it will be drinkable this year!

In the end it has been a productive day.  I am still tired, but feel better enough to actually believe that I will feel better tomorrow.

How about you, do you ever have 2nd day syndrome? 


Alesha said...

Yes! I have second day syndrome, too...especially with the fibromyalgia. :(

But it sounds like you really sucked it up and kept going, and then eventually, your energy returned! So...good for you!!!!!

It was really exciting to see those math grades too! I know that's not an easy subject most days.

Ok, that's it for me.

Elizabeth said...

I only get second day syndrome from flying - seems to be when my vertigo gets the worst. Good for you for pushing through and getting your blood sugar up.

Great on those math grades! That is awesome for her and a testimony to hard work. Good luck with the plum juice.