Saturday, June 29, 2013

Climb A Mountain

She said, "Let's climb a mountain!" 
She said,"It will be fun!!"  

She is C~R~A~Z~Y!
*Please don't remind me that the "she" was me!

Jerry & I headed off right after Joshua's morning meds.  Trusting the kids on their own for the day.  We reached Mt. Yahiko at 10:30.
We parked by the red arrow at the bottom & climbed up to the yellowish building at the top of the picture!
 View of the mountain from near the parking area.

Yahiko is 634 meters tall, the same height was Sky Tree in Tokyo.

We made it to the trail head by 10:45.

We climbed, and climbed, and climbed some more.

 My friend, the rock!
 Only 2.3 km to go, but please say we have come more than an 8th of a km...pant, pant, wheeze!

 Jerry waited patiently for me to catch up, take pictures, catch my breath! (Taking pictures was a really good excuse to stop and breath!!)

We made it to the top by 12:30.  We then made our way to the observation building & had lunch.

 view of the from the restaurant

After lunch, we hiked along the ridge to a shrine, finding interesting things along the way.

By this time I was done in & Jerry wasn't moving quite as fast either, so we took the cable car down.

Once we made it off the mountain, we hiked through the temple grounds on our way back to the parking area.

It WAS fun, in an exhausting sort of way.  I am very, very thankful that there were a few benches and rocks along the way where we could stop to catch our breath (well, at least where I could catch my breath!)  I am also truly thankful for the cable car ride down!!   All of this in mind, it is something we will likely do again, but not until fall at least.

For now I am simply thrilled that I actually DID it!  I climbed a 634 meter (2080 foot) mountain and lived to tell the tale!

BTW ~ according to my fitbit, I walked over 12,000 steps and climbed 189 floors.  The floor count will be better next time because I won't have to stop & rest as much - at least that is my goal. 


Alesha said...

You ROCK, Laura!!!!

This is so, so cool! I am so proud of you in a "oh-look-what-my-friend-did-that-I-will-never-be-able-to-do" kinda way!!!

I read your blog out loud to Doug as I was reading and he kept saying "Wow! Wow!" :)

The pics were beautiful! Thank you for taking us along with you.

Hoping you revive for church tomorrow,

Elizabeth said...

You are amazing!!! So proud of you taking on such a challenge and not giving up (like where that rock did).

I agree with Alesha, thank-you for taking us with you through your wonderful pictures.

Praying you aren't sore today.
Love, Elizabeth

Karen said...

Yay for you! what a beautiful view!