Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Getting Healthy

Three years... I have been working on lifestyle changes for 3 years now.  I still have a way to go and I need to get off my current yo-yo course in order to get there, BUT progress is progress.

One of the biggest lifestyle changes I am working on is getting more exercise.        I am trying to get 10,000 steps a day.  In order to do this I have to take an intentional walk because otherwise it just doesn't happen.  *There are days it doesn't happen even when I get a walk in.

Yesterday, I headed off on my park course.  I wasn't sure I would go because it was raining when I woke up, but the rain stopped & I headed out.  It was fun to see how much difference a week makes.

Last week


The pond was beautiful, too

Today, I ended up waking indoors with one of my walking videos because it has been pouring all day.  I haven't done those for awhile - it was a nice change of pace.  I also got to wear my new exercise top.  Who new it was FUN to have new exercise clothes... that you actually USE to exercise in?!?

I made a discovery, too...my new exercise tops will also double as swimsuit tops - WOOT!!

Yes, I still have a way to go, but I am getting there!

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Karen said...

I'm finding Xanga slow today, so I'm reading here.

Way to go on the progress! You are looking good! Sure we are so prone to see what still needs to be done, and sometimes we lose sight of how far we've come!

I've been yo-yo-ing a bit too, but trying to get back on. At least though I'm not near back where I started.