Thursday, June 6, 2013

I think the week is catching up with me! 
  • Yesterday was just crazy Wednesday schedule with the addition of needing to get home from work as quickly as possible so that I could give Josh his night time meds, something Chan took care of.  Meds were about 45 minutes late, but everyone survived... I think.
  • Today...
    • I went for a morning walk - my 4th this week laughing
    • Home in time for morning meds, then hit the shower before biking to my preschool classes. 
    • Home for lunch, which nothing was planned and we did't have enough left overs for.
    • Grabbed the oldest teen and ran to the cell phone shop to cancel the phone Chan was using.  Forgot 1 paper.  McD's drive thru, then home for lunch.
    • Grabbed both teens AND needed paper, stopped at the phone shop to finalize things, then a bit of shopping & groceries.
    • Home to find out that Josh's doctor appointment had been moved later & therapy had switched to before the checkup (4pm).
    • Made COFFEE.  I was dragging and realized that being we were out of coffee, I had only had a small cup of yesterday's left over coffee.
    • Coffee in system, decided to walk Josh to his appointments.  It is right a mile door to door, through the park, but about 60% of the walk there is up hill.
    • Josh enjoyed the walk, but then proceeded to seize through therapy, seize through the waiting, seize through his appointment - not constant, but way more than usual & well beyond the point of needing emergency meds.  However, I didn't have emergency meds with me shocked and by the time we saw the doctor it was nearing 6:30.  Office hours end at 5.  The hospital had called the pharmacy, which closes at 6, to tell them that appointments were way behind and to as them to stay open.  I decided to bring Josh home & give meds when we go here rather than cause the extra waiting to try to get emergency meds given at the hospital.
    • Walked home in the gathering twilight.  (I will pick meds up tomorrow.)
    • VERY thankful that Bekah's life skills for the day was to fix supper!!
It was a good day.  Appointment was rushed, but overall OK.  We should be hearing from the respite care contact person soon.  Labs looked decent.  WBC's have dropped some and the infection indicator was a teeny but elevated.  Josh may well be fighting a bug, which would explain the extra seizures - keep an eye on it.
I think I would like to skip tomorrow, as it will be a busy day, and go straight to the weekend!

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Karen said...

I commented on your xanga.

I'm in the process of trying to move my Xanga blog to here. I'll let you know when it is up.

May the Lord give you strength for today.