Monday, June 17, 2013

Aerobic Activity

There are a few things in life, well at least in my life, that SHOULD be considered an aerobic activity.  However, I have checked and cannot find them listed anywhere - bummer!
1. Hanging すだれ (sudare) bamboo sun shades.  This activity takes not only coordination, but balance & skill as one attempts to hang out of windows while holding the bamboo share AND attempting to hook, in my case, rope to cup hooks that are in the side of the house or the over hang over the window.  Stretching & sweating is also involved.  Sounds like aerobics to me!
2. Giving a hair cut to Joshua.  This is not only aerobic, it is a Family Aerobic activity because it takes 2-3 pairs of hands to hold the boy somewhat still and keep him from attacking the person wielding the clippers.  The person doing the clipping is in constant action trying to anticipate the next move of the boy so that ears & other body parts do not get clipped.  It certainly FEELS like a workout!
Wait... there might be an income opportunity in this - maybe I could sell tickets?!?
Nah, probably not, unless mud or jello were added silly
When a day includes BOTH of these - there SHOULD be a way to count it as an aerobic activity!!
Some day soon we will be adding shaving to Josh's routine...shocked
I feel the need to go for a walk, I have got to be in better shape before attempting this one!! 

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Missy Hoffman said...

Hello! Stopping by from the old Xanga site! Just put up a quick post there and haven't written in ages. :) Hope things are going well with you and your family!

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