Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cross Eyed

It is only Wednesday ~ HOW can it only be Wednesday?

I feel like a hamster in a ball, running hither & yon this week!  Today has been exceptionally so.  
  • Took Kei to the doctor this morning- she is recovering nicely & now has permission to go out in public.  
  • Home to attempt to catch up on homeschool thus & such, while trying to sort some details for upcoming events.
  • Preschool classes this afternoon, with preschoolers who could careless about English.  They would rather pick on each other, poke each other in the butt, go through my bag, or climb on the play equipment in the room I have been given to use for class.
  • Finished classes, ran home, picked up Josh & high tailed it to the hospital for therapy/orthics appointment.  Wednesday afternoon is the ONLY time the orthics guy comes.  Josh NEEDS foot support orthics.  (Jerry is covering 2 of my classes so that I could take Josh.)  The orthics guy is writing an estimate which will then be turned in to the doctor to sign.  LORD willing we will get this letter + the 3 letters for wheelchair, stander, & gait trainer next week.  Then I can turn them in at the city office to start the next step in the process.
  • Discover, while at the hospital that I managed to reschedule Kei's dental appointment for the same exact time as Joshua's dentist appointment.  Both tomorrow.  Both at different hospitals.  Both at a time when Jerry is not home to take one of them.
  • ALSO realized that next week's short stay (respite) happens to also be a Josh check up day... it is still doable, but won't be a restful because I will still have to be at the hospital a good part of the afternoon - oh well.  We might actually get to go OUT for dinner!
  • I still need to head to ECS to teach my last 2 classes.  I am just home dropping off Josh and waiting for chef Bekah to finish dinner.
As crazy as the day has been a couple good things have emerged.
  1. Jerry & I are going to attempt to go on a the 2 of us!!  If the weather is cooperative, we will go climb a mountain.  YES, it was my idea (I might be feverish!).  It is an easy beginner mountain to climb AND if I die on the way up, there is a cable car that we can take down.  I have also been told that there is ice cream & onion rings at the top.  I may need that "carrot" to get me there!!
  2. I made reservations for a cabin in Karuizawa.  We couldn't get the same cabin we had before, but the cabin we are getting is still in the same missionary "village".  We will go July 20~22.  Jerry wants to climb Mt Asama with a friend.  The kids & I well do some hiking, chilling near the cabin.  It is a much needed change of pace get-a-way to look forward to!!
And now, it is time to grab some dinner before I dash off to ECS.

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Alesha said...

I'm sorry...I don't understand. What is the "OUT for dinner!" of which you speak???