Tuesday, June 11, 2013

An 8 Hour Day

I spent a full 8 hours either driving to or sitting in hospital/dental clinics today.
Josh had his bi-weekly check up @ the cancer center & today we had a longer than usual wait.  Results ~ Numbers weren't as improved as I had hoped, but they weren't terrible either.  His neutrophils were really low,  However, last week his infection indicator was slightly elevated, today these levels were back to normal.  My thought is, if he were fighting an infection his white cells (neutrophils are a type of white cell) will be low because they have been busy fighting off a bug.  Since he really did no show any real signs of illness, other than being more sleepy/seizy than usual, then his white cells did their job - a very good thing!  Another good thing his hemoglobin was up to 10.0 <10 out of 13 is awesome for Josh!>  This is the first time since he got sick that his hemoglobin has been at 10 without a transfusion.
This afternoon, Kei had a dental appointment.  It was more painful because they switched to a different configuration on wires.  The past couple of times the wires have reminded me of this bridge in southern Japan...
The wires looped up and over each tooth!
Today the wires were more like a hieroglyphic / King Tut / walk like an Egyptian sort of configuration <sorry no picture> silly
The dentist says Kei's teeth are moving nicely AND quickly, so she is on weekly checkups.  Next Tue. I will get to be at the dentist office twice - morning with Kei, afternoon with Bekah... sounds fun, right shocked
Other accomplishments today...
  • Took Jerry & his bike to the bike shop.  His old bike is having spoke issues.  We are having it repaired, but we also priced a new bike for him.  Being that Jerry doesn't drive, his bike is his "car".  We found a nice bike, which can be ordered with a frame that will actually FIT his tall frame.  It isn't cheap, but it isn't as expensive as I thought it might be.  We are thinking and praying about it.
    We took some supplies we will need for this weekend's outreach event to ECS.  The streets will be closed, Fri~Sun because of the upcoming festival, hauling coolers an cases of drinks for blocks doesn't sound fun, so I drove Jerry to work & we took supplies.
    On the way home, I stopped at the park by the beach for a short walk.  I just needed some down time.  The sea was GLORIOUS and my phone battery was DEAD so I have no pictures to show.  The sun was starting to go down, it was amazing!
    I spoke with the contact person for respite care at the local hospital.  We have an appointment Thursday afternoon, after Josh's therapy AND dental appointment, to talk about Josh's needs.  Please pray that we can come up with a workable respite plan.  I don't want to have him in respite often, but there are times when we really need to have him in respite, especially with Chan not being here.
    AND now, boy who did not sleep well last night, seems to be settled for tonight.  I am going to call it a night as well.   I leave you with this reminder...

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