Sunday, June 2, 2013

Here or There?

Xanga is having trouble & may or may not be going under.  I have had a "blog" on blogspot for ages, but only so I could comment on friend's blogs.  I have never actually blogged on it.  I am going to be playing around there to see if I like it enough to switch.  I will also be saving my xanga posts "just in case".  So where am I... I'm not sure.  As with all the other craziness going on right now, I am still trying to sort it out.  For the time being, I will likely post on both sites.  BTW~I would dearly love to give my blog spot addy, but I'm not sure what it is.  At this point I can't even see what my blog actually looks like... nor can I find smilies :(   I sort of assume, it is MOM2_4/blogger or maybe mortfortjapan/blogger or something like that.  If anyone knows how things work here, I cold use some help.

I heard from Chan today, her father has passed away.  She is now in the midst of hindu funeral rituals.  How to keep her faith in Christ strong & visible to those around while, at the same time, as the eldest child, needing to carry her share of the ceremonies... please continue to pray for her & her family.

This morning, was my turn to go to church.  I actually was there on a Sunday when I didn't have any other responsibilities.  I even understood a fair amount of the sermon... maybe because I didn't have Sunday School responsibilities running through my mind distracting me?  The text was Proverbs 3:5-6 and one of the points I carried away was when we don't know something we use more energy but don't accomplish much.  However, when we turn it over to God, when we acknowledge Him, he makes our path straight.  We can get much more done when we are on a straight path instead of chasing all over following rabbit trails.  I'm pretty sure the minister didn't express it quite like that :P  I am also pretty sure if I took the time to pull out my notes, I could likely express it better... but hey.

A mischievous little boy has settled for the night - WOOT!  I am going to turn in early because, lets face it, it has been a hard few days, and the new week is looming.  I think a little extra rest is in order.

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