Thursday, June 20, 2013

Clone Me Please

If only clone technology actually existed...
I could use one several!!

I am feeling overwhelmed right now.  So much going on.  So many things that need to be handled.  So much paperwork that needs to be sorted, turned in, processed.  Makes me want to run & hide!

*Paperwork Clone*

One clone could be put in charge of paperwork.  She could cover all this... Yesterday, I managed to check 2 separate letters with our secretary.  I knew the basics, but wanted to double check the specifics.  One was pretty easy, just needed to turn it in at the appropriate office (got that done this afternoon - YEAH).  The 2nd one, was/is more complicated, in fact she isn't even sure about some of it.  I do know which form needs to be give to the hospital to fill out.  I know which paper we have to fill out.  I know I have to get papers from both the tax office & the city office.  Still not 100% sure if there are additional papers from the city office needed or not.  Then once all these papers are gathered then need to be turned in at yet another building.  Thankfully, I have until Aug. to get everything gathered because it could take a few weeks to get the hospital letter.

We are still waiting on paperwork from the local hospital, so that we can turn  it in to get the process moving for Josh's new equipment.  Of course, next week we have an appointment for braces for Josh to wear when walking and that paperwork will need to be processed as well.

I also turned in paperwork at the city office today, but forgot 1 part so need to go back.  It would really be nice if I could combine some of the paperwork runs!

*Care Clone*

Right now I am feeling like I am failing Josh by not working with him enough. Standing practice & walking practice.  Personal care...he really should have his teeth brushed more & have more baths/showers.  Sit & play time.  Record all those meds & seizures & temps & you name it.

*Housework Clone*

Poor Josh us wearing shorts today even though his temp was low this morning because ALL his pants are either in the laundry or have been washed but are not yet dry.  

Then there is the cooking & cleaning.  Yesterday I made bread for the 1st time since Chan left.  I need to make bread on a daily basis.  I have a bread machine, so its not hard - just have to remember to do it!  Cleaning... we won't go there.

*Teacher Clone*

We have 3 possible new classes that could be started.  I have also been ask to go to another preschool to do classes on a regular, but not necessarily weekly, basis.  This is all great!  I am thrilled that things seem to be looking up, but there just are not enough hours in the day.

Even with clones, I could still find enough to keep busy.  There are always newsletters to write, YES, I do know what these are...I just don't get them written in a timely fashion.  Hospital & dental appointments that are happening weekly for at least 2 of the 3 children living under this roof.  Homeschool (might need a clone just for that, too) & teaching.  Making friends and being available to socialize and do friendship evangelism.  Maybe, gasp, time to be a wife to my husband.

I know that life will settle down.  This time of year is always busier than usual.  We are still adjusting to life without Chan.  But in the mean time a clone or 10 would be nice!!!

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Karen said...

Oooh, your list makes me groan. A good reminder to me to pray that God meets your needs for caregiver help, and gives you strength in the meantime.