Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Guided Steps

I am very glad I drug my old body out for a walk this morning.  If I hadn't the I would have missed these...

The walk was refreshing.  Editing the pictures to post here brought the refreshment back this evening.  Making for a nice ending of a less than perfect day.  See, this afternoon was not as refreshing - over 3 hours in the dentist office makes for a long afternoon!  Kei had everything adjusted and Bekah had the beginning work done toward her braces.  We all survived!!

A cool thought to ponder... Little did I know when I scheduled the girl's dental appointment that Chan would not be here to stay with Joshua.   For some, off the wall, reason I ended up scheduling their appointment for this afternoon, a Tuesday... I never schedule afternoon appointments & I usually avoid Tuesdays.  However, it worked out perfectly because Jerry is home on Tuesday afternoons!!   All I can say is, the LORD knew :o)

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Karen said...

That's amazing! It is wonderful when things work out like that and we can see God's hand in the minutest details of our lives. I needed that encouragement today.

I wish I could post comments with a link back to my blog. But alas, I think the link only goes to my Blogger profile.

Hoping your day went well.