Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dumpster Dive

So long till next year ~ Enmaichi is over for another year!

We spent the whole day downtown yesterday.  We bike/wiked to church and directly after, we went to ECS.  After a quick lunch we set up for Open Door.

Festivals will be festivals...


We had several old friends stop by.  We made some new friends.  We were there for a child in need - just as we were getting ready to close things up a mother came asking if there was a toilet her young one could use.  
Open Door was a success!
One mixed result of Open Door - Garbage.  We have a table & stools for people to sit down at.  We also have boxes for garbage & recycling.  Festival goers are not always careful where/what they pitch.  Several times we need to check to make sure trash has been properly disposed of.  When I was doing this, I noticed several of the cute little ice cream bowls in our trash box.  I took them in, washed them up and have given 20 of those poor little orphans a home!
YES - I turned dumpster diver!!


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Alesha said...

Bahahahaha! Consider yourself a member of an elite group!!! :) Not everyone can admit they are a Dumpster Diver!

One of the proud DDs,