Thursday, June 13, 2013

Barometric Pressure

I am sure there is something in the atmosphere that is making things crazy!
A typhoon was brewing on the other side of the island.  It has been simply HOT & WINDY here, otherwise the weather has been beautiful.  The clouds have been amazing!
This afternoon, the view from the therapy room on the 4th floor of the local hospital was AWESOME.  Sado Island was so clear.  One could even see the various levels of mountains.  My camera couldn't capture it, but it was beautiful to see.  More often than not, Sado island is not visible from here.  Speaking of Sado Island, I learned that there is a 2 day walk in the fall.  I REALLY want to do it!!!!
Yesterday my students were as crazy as the wind, especially the boys.  WHEW - that made a long day feel even longer!
Today, with some help from the fam, we managed to get all the bamboo sun shades that we have put up.  I managed to do 2 windows we have never done because for some odd reason the big shades for the living room window couldn't be found...ummm...whatever!   The hooks we use to hang the ones upstairs were AWOL as well.  I am sure I put them away in a safe, easy to find place whatevah  I went out & picked up hooks & 1 more sun shade for Jerry's office window @ the 100 yen shop.  I will have to get to a real home center to pick up the big shades for the living room soon.
Today, I needed t go to ECS a little early so that I could get some extra prep work done for the weekend's outreach event.  Little ended up being a key word, because my bike had a flat.  I filled the tire before I left, but it was unrideable by the time I was 1/2 way there.  I ended up pushing the bike to the repair shop.  We took Jerry's bike Tuesday.  He picked it up yesterday.  I show up there today... this is becoming a habit.  Thankfully, I had left early because by h time I actually got to ECS I was anything but early.  I did manage to get a few things done, but not as much as I had hoped.
This afternoon, Josh had therapy followed by a dentist appointment.  This was then followed by a meeting with the respite case worker, someone new since Josh was last able to go to respite.  Good meeting... BUT... the weekend we NEED respite is fully booked.  He is going to think about it and see if there is anything that can be done.  His "best" questions was, "What is your back up plan."  UMMMM... respite IS/WAS my backup plan. My 1st plan was that Chan would be here to care for Josh either at home or at the camp.  He was on the ball enough to answer another question.. "NO, we do not have family nearby who can help!"  He really does seem like a nice guy & I think we can wrk well together, but not sure it will work fo this time.  Needless to say, I am not trying to weigh options as well.  English Camp is a month away... we need a plan ASAP!!
Between normal Wednesday busyness, weird weather, kids class craziness, flat tires, & lots of appointments, it has been a wild couple of days.

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Karen said...

Busy busy! I sure hope you can get care for Joshy. Something to pray about for that. A month is not too short of a time for God to provide.

Our week has been much like yours. I've been gone every day until today. It sure was nice to be home for a day.