Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Plan

I came up with a plan that will not only get both children to the dentist, at same time in opposite directions, but will also get everyone in the family involved!  AND include exercise!!!!  I am well on my way to earning the Mean Mom award!!

  1. Bekah will bike with Kei to her dentist appointment.  Jerry, who will get back from his out of town class right about appointment time, will bike directly from the station to the dentist to be with Kei.  Bekah can bike home anytime after Jerry gets there.
  2. I will walk Josh to his dentist appointment.  Getting my walk in & Josh some sunshine & fresh air.
  3. Bekah, and possibly Jerry, should be home in time to watch Josh after his appointment while I head to ECS for my private lesson.
  4. Kei can bike directly to swimming.
Now to see if it works!


Elizabeth said...

Sounds like a great plan...let us know if you actually get teens to do the exercise ;)

Karen said...

Hope it all works out!