Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Should Be Thrilled

After a year & a half of treatment for Very Severe Aplastic Anemia today the doctor finally said Joshua's levels seem to be leveling out.  This is exciting & we are thankful, but I had really hoped they would level out at a higher level.  
As of today:
WBC's were 1,700 (normal 3,500~8,500)
RBC's were 278 (normal 400~550)
Hemoglobin was 9.6 (normal 13.0~16.5)
Platelets were 36,000 (normal 150,000~500,000)

(Josh's 1 year graph)

I am hoping that they will stay level and start to climb.  Will they? I don't know.  How long will it take?  Haven't a clue.  Will he still need transfusions?  Only the LORD knows.   I am also praying that we will be able to stop the nasty immune suppression medication.  When?  No idea!   The doctor did say that, if levels are still holding steady at our next check up in 2 weeks, that we might be able to go to an every 3 week or maybe even a monthly check up schedule!!!

I was a bit bummed that levels hadn't climbed today.  However, I was thrilled that his CRP, infection indicator, was picture perfect.  That was a huge relief.  There is no guarantee he would still pick up Kei's bug, but so far so good.

On a side note... Josh is was scheduled for a practice short stay tomorrow.  Our caseworker just called, because Kei is ill, Josh can't go tomorrow.  I think we have a schedule worked out for next week, but getting all the hoops jumped through before camp in - GASP - 2 weeks, is cutting it SHORT!


Karen said...

A positive is a positive no matter how small, right? Just like if you win a game by one point, you've won, even if it wasn't a spectacular win. Praying for continued encouragement for you, and that Josh will be able to go to respite.

Alesha said...

Yeah, I totally understand! It would be great for everything to be in the normal range. Praying that maybe, God-willing, everything will get to that range eventually! And that Josh will stay well until then!!!

Loving your new blog,