Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tomorrow's The Day


Tomorrow Josh will go to respite care!

World English Dictionary
respite care
— n
social welfare  occasional usually planned residential care for dependent old or handicapped people,
to provide relief for their permanent carers.

Josh has not been in respite care since October 11, 2011.  I remember it distinctly because I picked him up on the 11th, a Monday holiday, and he had a huge bruise on his hand.  He had been in respite for a couple of days so that we could go to the Fox Festival and take the night hike, something Josh could not do.  Josh had gotten a huge bruise on his leg the week before, something one of the doctors at the hospital had checked, but hadn't found the problem to.  I was going to talk to his doctor about it on Thursday at his regular appointment.  I had no idea that the next day I would receive a call from school saying Josh was poorly.  I took him to the hospital and that started our journey into the nightmare world of blood transfusions, bone marrow tests, cancer centers, all the things that make up Aplastic Anemia.

After months of treatment, the specialist has finally, rather reluctantly, okayed respite care.  Tomorrow will be the day we go.  I will spend about 3 hours talking to the nurse, go over all the care details, helping with feeding, so that the nurse has a good idea of Josh's needs.  Then I will walk out of the hospital without him.  It will just be over night.  I am sure he will be fine.  I KNOW it is a needed service.  Why am I nervous?  Why do I feel like crying? 


Alesha said...

Ah, Laura...I know you must have such mixed emotions! It was hard enough last time, but now you have so many other medical issues to explain & be concerned about. It IS a good break for you. Try to enjoy it. Will be praying that all goes well.


Christian said...

Hugs, we just qualified after 8 years and 2 months on the wit list, I'm worried and feel guilty leaving Amy. I don't know if we can do it. Hugs Christy

Karen said...

I will be praying for you as I think of you. It is hard to leave any child overnight, let alone one who has so many needs, and those needs are ones you know better than anyone else on earth. But even though he is out of your hands, he is not out of the Lord's. So rest in that.