Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Lots of rain during the night.  It is very windy as well.  Decided I should check on the mini tomatoes to make sure they were surviving the weather.  I found a handful of ripe tomatoes AND I found these...

They are HUGE!

This afternoon Kei & I moved them off the tomato plans and into a bug box.  Kei was brave enough to help measure one.  It measured right at 10cm/3.9".  

There were 4 of these monsters eating my green tomatoes. I am glad we found them.  Glad we could identify them as Pawpaw Sphinx (Dolbe hyloeus).  I am also glad that they will find a new home at the camp tomorrow where the Sasaki children can study them.  

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Karen said...

Yuck! Makes me want to go out and check my tomatoes!