Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mt. Asama

The biggest reason we headed to Karuizawa last weekend was so that Jerry could climb a mountain.  So while the kids and I were hanging out at the cabin, doing a little hiking, reading, & relaxing.  This is what Jerry was doing!

*Photos stolen from Jerry's facebook album.

The rainbow picture was due to condensation of stream from Mt Asama!  

The climb was beautiful, but grueling   It took Jerry several days to get back to normal.  It is not something I could handle, so I am glad he took lots of pictures, well over 100, that way I can enjoy the sights without needing to climb the actual mountain!   There was one point along the trail, about 3 hours into the climb, where they were able to see the 3 tallest mountains in Japan, including Mt. Fuji.  I might be interested in attempting that much of the climb... someday.... say once I can climb a mountain closer to home without needing to take the cable car down ;)

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Karen said...

Wow! Beautiful country! The last time I attempted to hike in mountains (let alone climb them) I could hardly walk the next day!