Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Things To Consider

T minus 10 days and counting till we are officially on vacation...well...a vacation, in that, we don't have classes.  The 1st week of vacation (12th-15th), the girls will be at camp & Jerry will be off climbing Mt. Fuji.  This means Joshy & I will get to hang out... I am trying really hard to think positively about this!  As I sit here dreading thinking about it, I have come up with a few things I MUST plan ahead for.

Groceries:  I need to have the fridge/pantry stocked before everyone takes off because Joshy cannot stay alone nor can he go shopping with me.  (Empty stores, maybe, but the stores will likely be PACKED because of the Obon holiday.)

Entertainment:  We will be meeting friends at the national park not too far from us for the summer light up.  This will be FUN, but I cannot feed Joshy any of the festival foods because of risk of germs/bacteria.  I need to think of things I can take from home or come up with a different option.

Morning Walks: UMMMM... I usually leave Joshy either sleeping or watching TV with his sister - that won't be possible.  I will either need to take him out with me or walk indoors.

Code Browns:  Because I do not have a sense of smell, I will need to be diligent about checking.  I also need to start praying now that blowouts are at a minimum because I won't have any extra helping hands to keep the ever present "helpful hands" from helping...er...finger painting...er...UGH!

OK - I am tired of thinking about it.  I am looking forward to vacation - no classes - but I am not looking forward to having the family scattered.

LORD give me extra strength!


Please pass the coffee & chocolate!  


Karen said...

Difficult when going "on vacation" doesn't feel like it will be a vacation. I had that trouble before we went to Scotland the last time--knowing that my MIL needed a lot more help. Fortunately it went much better than I was afraid it would.

Praying that you have time to rest, and that all stays well with Joshy.

Karen said...

Have you been to this store?


MOM2_4 said...

I hadn't herd of this store, but really should try to find it. It is likely within an hour of us!