Thursday, July 11, 2013


28 years ago was the eve of our wedding!

With English Camp happening this weekend we won't have a chance to celebrate, however, Thursday evenings are mostly free.  Josh is in good health, so we left the kids home and went out!!

We even went to a REAL restaurant at one of the nicer resort hotels in town.

The view was beautiful.

The food was fantastic!

After dinner we drove down to another nearby point and hiked around.

Then we drove along the sea, stopping for ice cream - which we ate by the beach - before heading home.

It was a lovely way to celebrate ~ Happy Anniversary!



Alesha said...

Happy Anniversary, my sweet friend!!! The picture of the 2 of you is just beautiful!

So glad you were able to go out to dinner. I know how IMPORTANT and RARE that is!

Wishing you at least 28 more years together, ;)

Karen said...

Beautiful photos! You both look great! And happy happy anniversary!


Karen said...

My blogger blog is at

I miss hearing from you.