Saturday, July 6, 2013

Count Down

A week from today English Camp starts.  It was a close shave to get enough students, but we did and camp IS happening.  Today we had a meeting and then cleaned the camp, set up tables, and sorted out last minute details.  Camp is going to be FUN!

The upcoming week is going to be busy with normal everyday life, doctor & dentist appointments.  Add camp stuff - I don't want to think about it.  The menu is finished, but I need to put together the kitchen file which has the menu + recipes + what needs to be done when.  Bread will need to be ordered, shopping list gotten ready & shopping will need to be done.

If I develop a twitch, please understand.  In the mean time please pray.
  1. Camp will be a success.  That the campers will not only learn some English, but will learn about the LORD.
  2. Joshua will do well in respite care.  He will go to respite from Friday afternoon until Monday afternoon.  This seems like a REALLY long time.  With prayer, Joshua (and mama) can make it.
  3. Stress to be at a minimum.
  4. Health & safety for staff & campers.
This picture is my reminder for the week...

Japan is a beautiful country, but Satan is lurking behind that beauty.  Pray that camp will be a light to the LORD above!


Karen said...

Praying today. Remind us again as time gets closer, okay?

Alesha said...

Excellent analogy! Praying for camp & for Josh's respite!