Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Health By The Year

Today is my Fitbit Anniversary!  A year ago today, Jerry surprised me with an early anniversary / birthday gift - a Fitbit.  To a woman trying to get healthy, this was a wonderful gift.  Bitty & I formed a wonderful friendship and have been together 24/7 since.

In one year, I have:
  • Taken 2,367,206 steps
  • Walked a total of 1,082 miles
  • Climbed 6005 floors
  • Lost 10kg /22#, making a 3 year total of 26kg / 57#
  • Climbed a mountain - something I couldn't have done a year ago. 
  • Walked a 12k race and plan to walk in 2 or 3 races this fall.  
  • I have become hooked on walking!

Today was Cancer Center checkup for Josh.  When I stop and look at stats from last year vs stats from this year it is much easier to see that in one year he has made a lot of progress.

In one year, Joshua has:

  • Gone from being transfusion dependent to being transfusion independent!
  • Gone from weekly checkups to biweekly and as of today checkups every 3-4 weeks!
  • His baby blood cells are starting to respond.  They have a way to go yet, but they are finally holding their own and starting to move in the right direction!!
One month graph (June / July 2013):

One year graph (July 2012 ~ 2013):

The doctor even said today, that if levels stay good (& LORD willing keep improving) Joshy won't need a bone marrow test this fall!!

It has been quite the year in the health department around here!

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Karen said...

Happy Anniversary! I forget if it is the 11th or 12th.

It is lovely to see progress!